Ninebot Mini Pro

Ninebot Mini Pro with man sitting on stepsThe Ninebot Mini Pro is in stock at Segway of Pacific Beach and you can take one home for $699.00.

The Ninebot Mini Pro is finally here.  This is the official release by Segway Inc and Ninebot for the US market.  It’s the real deal and you can try one out in the store and take one home today.   These machines are a blast to ride.  They can go up hills and even handle bumpy terrain (within reason, of course).  The Ninebot Mini Pro connects via Bluetooth to your Smartphone (Android or iPhone).  You can control its features with your phone such as seeing your current speed or distance travelled, changing the light colors on your Mini Pro or even directing your Mini Pro to move around without you like a radio-controlled car.  At only 28 pounds, the Mini Pro is easy to pick up and its small footprint makes it easy to fit in your car so you can bring the fun with you wherever you go.


Why should you buy this this product instead of a cheaper “hoverboard”?  There are several reasons why the Mini Pro is a better product:

1) Stability — The Mini Pro uses Segway’s Leansteer technology to control steering.  When you lean, it turns and it doesn’t turn unless you tell it to.  Its balance sensors not only keep you upright, but also keep you pointed straight ahead even when you go over bumps with one wheel but not the other.  On one of the hoverboards that have been popular in the recent past, there is no automatic yaw (steering) control so these bumps cause you to turn even when you don’t want to; resulting in an unstable ride.  The Mini Pro automatically adjusts for these random bumps on the road keeping you on your intended path making riding much easier and more predictable.  Its computer handles yaw resulting in a stable ride.

2) Useablility — The Mini Pro has 10.5 inch wheels making it much more useful when riding outdoors.  The larger wheels allow it to handle more of the terrain you are likely to find in the real world and let’s face it; this machine is meant to cruise outdoors.

3) Safety — Well, fire safety at least.  Sure, the stability of this machine helps with safety, but the Ninebot Mini Pro is not going to burn your house down!  The hoverboard fires that have been making the news lately are caused by poor quality control in the hoverboard electronics and in the batteries.  The Ninebot Mini Pro is not a hoverboard.  In fact, it is the first self-balancing scooter to receive a UL listing, so you can fall asleep at night knowing your house will still be there in the morning.


ninebot-mini-pro Specs:

Weight – 28 pounds

Range – about 14 miles per charge

Speed – 10 MPH

Frame – Aircraft grade magnesium alloy

Bluetooth app – Available for iPhone and Android


Price: $699.00.  Stop by our store and try one out today.  If you like it, we have them in stock so you can ride one home!  If you need to order one to be shipped to you, just give us a call at (858) 270-2881.


Here is a fun video from Segway showing that Segway products and hoverboards are not the same thing: