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Segway I2

i2 SE is the perfect synthesis of function, form and fun. The i2 SE travels seamlessly both indoors, passing through a standard doorway, and outdoors. It’s capable of impressive range and speed making it ideal for trips that are too…

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Segway X2

If you plan to explore the trail less traveled, coast a sandy beach or head out to your favorite hunting spot in the woods, the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) x2 SE easily negotiates rugged terrain and is the right choice…

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A2B Octave

The Octave’s smooth, clean lines turn heads, while its revolutionary performance continues to impress. Proud of its history and innovative design, this model ensures you will stand out from the crowd with a bike that is anything but typical. The…

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A2B Ferber

Named after Ferdinand Ferber, a pivotal contributor to aviation development in Europe.Designed with a more traditional sensibility, the Ferber combines faster, more responsive manoeuvrability with wider, 26” wheels for a more upright and comfortable ride. This thoughtfully-designed model offers all…

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Ego Electric Scooter

At 10 cents per charge, the eGO electric scooter gets the equivalent of over 350 miles per gallon. The Ego electric scooter is a blast to ride and its powerful electric motor accelerates quickly and climbs hills well. You have…

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Kuo+ 36v_Crank side Full landscape 2014 copy

A2B Kuo+

Designed to be highly portable, the Kuo+ conveniently folds down and and has the option of a bag for easy carrying or storage. Offering throttle and pedal assistance, this stylish, lightweight model increases both your journey options and enjoyment. Portable…

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Segway Handler Bags

Our single most popular accessory is the Segway handlebar bag. These bags have a hard front and a soft back. They mount in front of the handlebars near the top. They can be accessed while you are on your Segway…

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Segway Comfort Mats

The Segway comfort mats offer extra padding under your feet. They help keep you comfortable on longer rides.

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