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Segway Personal Transporter i2 SE

The Segway PT i2 SE is the perfect synthesis of function, form and fun. The i2 SE travels seamlessly both indoors, passing through a standard doorway, and outdoors. It’s capable of impressive range and speed making it ideal for trips…

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Segway Personal Transporter x2 SE

If you plan to explore the trail less traveled, coast a sandy beach or head out to your favorite hunting spot in the woods, the Segway PT x2 SE easily negotiates rugged terrain and is the right choice for you.…

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Ninebot by Segway MiniPRO

The Ninebot MiniPRO is in stock at Segway of Pacific Beach and you can take one home for $599.00. The MiniPRO is finally here.  This is the official release by Segway Inc and Ninebot for the US market.  It’s the real deal and…

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Segway Handlebar Bags

Our single most popular accessory is the Segway handlebar bag. These bags have a hard front and a soft back. They mount in front of the handlebars near the top. They can be accessed while you are on your Segway…

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comfort mats

Segway Comfort Mats

The Segway comfort mats offer extra padding under your feet. They help keep you comfortable on longer rides.

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